What's a Waabie?

Fully connected food – flavoured full of respect!

A Waabie is a tasty hand crafted gourmet culinary sensation made with sensational organic ingredients. Waabies are produced showing respect for our food, our farms and our environment.

Waabie is the Aboriginal word for Moreton Bay Figs. Magnificent Moreton Bay Figs grace the original organic property where the meat in a Waabie is sourced from. Waabies provide a connection directly back to the regeneration of healthy soils, clean air and effective water cycles.  By choosing a Waabie, consumers can be assured they are enhancing the health of the Australian environment.

Artisans of the Waabie include:

  • Smeatons Bakery ~  Established 1939
  • FigTrees Organic Farms ~ Premium Quality Organic Beef
  • Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia ~ Australian Organic Butter
  • Woods Organic Farm and Flour Mill ~ Organic Flour
  • Tumby Sauce Co.  ~ Natural sauces

We also source local organic bacon and garlic to complete the connection back to ethical farming and healthy ecosystems.

For more information please read our Origins of Waabie