About Us

The seeds for the formation of FigTrees Organic Farms and current direction were started in 1998 with the arrival of a new manager, Glenn Morris and his family.

FigTrees Organic Farms runs two properties, Wilton Park at Grafton in the Northern Rivers; and Billabong, near Inverell in the Northern Tablelands.

By placing a far greater emphasis on working with natural processes the team at FigTrees Organic Farms has been able to regenerate the properties from tired conventionally run farms to thriving healthy landscapes bursting with abundance, the abundance that comes from caring for healthy soils.

Now FigTrees Organic Farms is proudly able to supply discerning consumers the healthiest and best tasting nutritious beef that comes from healthy well cared for cattle who have lived a happy life on healthy pastures. We are pleased that by choosing to buy Figtrees Organic Farms beef, consumers can contribute to ensuring the continued care of the land.